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CV. RAHAYU SENTOSA (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)

We, CV. Rahayu Sentosa, is an official company registered in Government of Sidoarjo Regency with no. We are a large scale industrial company with IUI (Industrial Business License) no. 37/3515 / IU / PMDN / 2015 and we also have HO for pole industry also with No.660 / 322 / 404.6.2 / 2015. So it is clear that our existence as a manufacturer is supported with clear data, and protected by applicable law in the Republic of Indonesia.

CV. Rahayu Sentosa is actually a manufacturer that produces all kinds of poles made of plates or pipes, PJU poles, PLTS poles, APIL pole, Highmast pole, CCTV pole, Decorative pole, Park pole, and various other poles. We also produce Guard Rail and its fittings, Panel Box, and others. So that our place all your needs can be served maximally.

Contact with us, can be ascertained directly with the manufacturer, no longer in contact with the mediator or broker. Because the actual number of manufacturers in Eastern Indonesia for the Pole and Guard Rail officially no more than the number of fingers in both hands. Even to a large scale no more than the number of fingers in one hand.

CV. Rahayu Sentosa has the support of complete machines, adequate human resources, long work experience, commitment to quality, production time and competitive price. Various parties have entrusted the needs of pole and others to us, whether private, private, national private, state-owned, foreign, government and others. All entrusted to us, and always continue from year to year. For this we are always grateful to all our customers and always clean up from time to time.

We are continuously improving, so we are currently supported with recognition from accredited accredited institutions, including: ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, OHSAS 18001: 2007. Also supported by: TD-BUPBPJ from the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia, Director General of Land Transportation, for: Road Safety / Guard Rail, Pole APIL, Street Lighting Tool. Not enough up there, we are also supported by Tensile Material Pull Test from ITS, Surabaya, Galvaniz Certificate from the manufacturer, and others.

So obviously we are different! as our manufacturers always clean up and complete all our shortcomings to become more value. We are also always oriented to give our best to every customer throughout Indonesia generally, especially in East Indonesia. No need to hesitate! Make sure to meet the needs of any type of pole, guard rail, panel, and others, the best choice is only one, namely: CV. Rahayu Sentosa! The King of Poles in Eastern Indonesia! The best choice for those who understand! Safe, comfortable.

Welcome to join the family of RS Poles!


Menjadi pabrikan pembuatan tiang, panel box, cable tray dan guardrail berbahan dasar plat yang sukses di jawa timur dengan menghasilkan produk berkualitas terbaik kepada pelanggan.


1. Secara berkesinambungan menyediakan produk dan jasa berkualitas tinggi serta dengan memenuhi permintaan pelanggan melalui program pemasaran yang terbaik. 2. Mengembangkan kemampuan SDM yang berkompeten dengan menciptakan lingkungan kerja yang nyaman, aman, baik, sehingga mampu mendukung tercapainya kepuasan pelayanan kepada pelanggan. 3. Memperkokoh kolaborasi dengan semua lapisan kerja pendukung agar bersinergy melalui komunikasi dan kerjasama yang lebih baik dari waktu ke waktu. 4. Mengembangkan operasi perusahaan yang lebih maju, sehat dalam segala aspek.


Jl.Kolonel Sugiono No.46 RT08/RW02,Ngingas,Waru Sidoarjo
Jawa Timur , Indonesia



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