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Steel gratings are thick steel chains that are shaped like a regular size net. All steel components are assembled with welding techniques so that the resistance is very strong. Therefore, grating products are very often used in industrial projects and in the construction of large buildings.
Components and terms in Steel Grating
Cross bar
Cross Bar is steel that crosses between the Bearing Bar which functions to connect all bearing bar plates. The connection process is carried out with welding techniques at each joint between the cross bar and the bearing bar. Cross bars are usually made of thick threaded steel wire.
Bearing Bar
The bearing bar is an irregularly crossed steel plate that is parallel to each other as the main composition of the steel grating. Ordinary bearing bars are made of very strong steel.
Cross Bar Spacing
Cross bar spacing is a spacing that separates one cross bar from another cross bar. The distance of each of these cross bars is organized so that they look harmonious and create extraordinary durability. The narrower the distance, the stronger the steel grating against the pressure will be.
Spacing Bar Bearing
Bearing bar spacing is the distance measured between one bearing bar and another bearing bar. Similar to the cross bar spacing, if the distance between the bearing bar is too close, the resistance of the steel grating will also be stronger.
Benefits of Using Steel Grating
There are many advantages to using Steel Grating as part of building construction, including:
Grating is already finishing with Hot Dip Galvanized, so it is resistant to corrosion / rust, besides it is easy to install, the surface is not slippery suitable for outdoor / outdoor applications, and the size can be on request / customs (with certain conditions).
Has a high level of efficiency for long-term needs.
Weather resistance is very strong.
Chemical reaction resistance is very strong.
The resistance to the material passing above it is very strong.
Practical, easy to apply without taking a long time.
Easy to adjust needs because steel grating products can be customized.
Examples of the application of Steel Grating
Various examples of the application of Steel Grating in industrial fields and other fields:
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