CV.RAHAYU SENTOSA - Jual Tiang PJU dan Tiang Listrik PLN


As is known, in order to assist the street traffic system at night, there are usually public street lighting (PJU) lights, both provided by the government or privately so as to enable traffic flow activities to run as well as current- day traffic without any significant obstacles in connection with the streetlight lighting. Then, in connection with PJU lamps, it is known to have been available in the market of various systems and forms, both of which have a source of PLN electrical energy or solar cell energy with respect to energy efficiency. Both become an option in order to meet the needs of street lighting public lighting today. Particularly PJU lamps with sunlight as a source of energy, and more specifically PJU lamps that use a group of LED lights as a light source, where usually PJU lamp system is equipped with an energy storage device in the form of batteries that are located not integrated or located outside the PJU lamp assembly , generally the battery is located on the pole of the PJU lamp system. In this case, the construction allows for problems with improperity or insufficiency of mounting and use in a PJU lamp system. In addition, PJU lamp system with batteries located outside the lamp assemblies becomes less durable and will be more easily damaged due to external environmental influences such as rain or heat and so on. Looking at some of the disadvantages of the above mentioned PJU lamps, Inventor creates a PJU lamp with a compact, integrated and effective PJU shape and construction that allows the PJU lamp to last longer or last longer so as to reduce costs which is in connection with the general street lighting system.
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